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Leather cleaning

We have been cleaning and handling leather professionally since 1997. Although the skin likes to absorb everything, it is difficult to “return” dirt, it often has hidden natural defects that become apparent after cleansing, we try not to give in to it and & nbsp; do everything to make the customer happy. We perform skin & nbsp; color updates & nbsp; which, like most jobs, are done exclusively & nbsp; manually , including color selection. Another skin treatment relevant to Klaipeda residents is its impregnation, which protects leather products from moisture, thus extending their service life. Of course, just like cleaning clothes, cleaning the manufacturer’s recommendations (labels on the product) are important to us. We often come across leather products that we call “disposable” because the manufacturers do not allow them to be cleaned or washed. If the client takes the risk, the cleaner tries to help the person. The owner of the clothing must also bear the risk for non-removable jewelry.

Shoe cleaning

Shoe upgrade is a color restoration that helps restore the product’s appearance. Genuine leather shoes are tinted and impregnated , and other shoes are impregnated if possible. All shoes are disinfected . & nbsp;

How many times in the winter have you been angry about the salt scattering that was left on your shoes, ripping out maps of unrecognized lands? By taking care to impregnate your shoes in advance, you will have less white spots , and quality leather will also help you avoid worries. But if winter has given white lines to your shoes, don’t despair – we’re with you.

Like most cleaning jobs, shoe cleaning and refurbishment is done exclusively manually . We accept all shoes, including work shoes, for cleaning.

Shoe upgrade is a color restoration that helps restore the product’s appearance. Genuine leather shoes are tinted and impregnated , and other shoes are impregnated if possible. All shoes are disinfected .

Dry cleaning

It is the most popular service that can be applied to almost any product. At LoMinda, all existing equipment is certified. It should be noted that although the technology is well advanced, most of the work is done & nbsp; manually & nbsp; – stain removal, evaporation, ironing, packaging. The recipient is sure to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations (label) for dry cleaning or washing, and if they are not found or found to be inaccurate, the customer is warned that the company is not responsible for the quality of cleaning this product. There are also products that cannot be cleaned or washed. If the client takes the risk, the cleaner tries to help the person. Also, the company is not responsible for the jewelry attached to the products. The stain remover sorts the collected clothes according to colors, fabric thickness, manufacturer’s instructions. Every garment and & nbsp; every stain & nbsp; is carefully inspected to determine its origin, which helps to make a more accurate choice of stain removers. Each cleaned garment is evaporated by the worker with the help of an air-steam mannequin, thus restoring the original shape of the product, at the same time making the manual work of the iron a little easier. The irons used in the company have spec. soles that protect the fabric from shine and burns. Subsequently, the manually ironed clothes are inspected by quality inspectors, who are responsible for finding any defects in the cleaning or ironing, so that for some clothes the entire cleaning procedure is repeated again. However, sometimes stains remain even after a repeated process, so all you have to do is regret and inform the customer about it by handing over the clothes.


We live in a time when allergies and viruses have already become uncomfortable, albeit routine. Various fragrances, thickeners, stiffeners make the bedding special, but our company has achieved & nbsp; excellent quality & nbsp; without using these additives or using & nbsp; organic . Washing each customer’s bedding only on their own machine, individual & nbsp; stain removal , use of non-allergenic powders while keeping them to a minimum, water & nbsp; improving the properties & nbsp; helps us achieve a great result. Since the minimum energy consumption of the machine is calculated for three kilograms of laundry, this is the minimum amount of bedding accepted for washing from one customer.

Clothing repair

We present a service – clothing repair – created based on your wishes and our many years of experience. We want the modern person to be able to not only clean or wash their clothes at the same time, but also to repair them, because we have in our arsenal more than 200 types of various products with about 70 shades required for professional clothing repair. We can offer services ranging from accessory law (we have rivets, presses, rings and other accessories law press ) or zipper replacement, trouser folding to coat narrowing or repair of leather goods. We hope that our efforts will be appreciated.

Down and feathers

The company is pleased to offer a feather and down cleaning service. The pillows or bedding brought are weighed, and it is asked what size new pulses the clean fluff will be poured into. It should be noted that each pillow is cleaned separately. At the customer’s request, a new impili is sewn from the fabric brought by him, but the company can also offer its own fabric. To spec. the machine is filled with fluff, which is beaten on the ground floor with the help of cloths to remove sand, dust and other dirt. The feathers then rise to the second floor of the machine, where they are cleaned for about 20 minutes. Here they are treated with hot steam, which kills mites and other parasites. The antistatic agent is then added and a drying cycle takes place. Finally, the machine pours everything into a new, beautiful impulse. During cleaning, fluff or feathers can lose about 10-30% of their original weight. What if applying this process to Grandma’s pillow?