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About us

The sea, waves and sand… These words are pleasant to every resident of Klaipėda and to visitor. These symbols are drawn on the cars, which belongs to the company, in order to emphasise the exclusivity of Klaipėda from other cities and waves, which created the connetion with our business. The cosiness of our company‘s atmosphere is created by the help of small „rest“ oasis – aquariums, budgerigars and flowers, which together symbolizes the dry-cleaner-loundry, which operate environmentally clean.

Everything started like this…

Suddenly we confronted at first sight with a simple problem – we could not find company, which could take the laundry from home, and we decided, that we can plug this gap by ourselves by establishing the service company.


In 1996, in January we established company named „LoMinda“. Perhaps it is interasting for you why the name of the company is written in such a strange way? 
It consists of two names – Mindaugas and Loreta. Company was very small, because of that, the number of services, which we offered was limited – only the washing of laundry, taking from and delivering the laundry to the citizenry.

After some time we felt, that confineing only with a laundry is not purposeful, because of that we began to seek a supplier for the equipment, needed for the expansion of business. Becoming acquainted with Italian representatives of equipment for dry cleaner and washing we had an opportunity to work on probation in Italy.

In 1998 company expanded business by opening dry cleaning and washing department (Daukanto street 22a), where could offer the whole spectrum of cleaning and washing services for various items.

After three years, in the end of 2001 was opened one more dry cleaning – washing department, which is located in the southern part of the city, Vingio street 14.


From the beggining of company‘s business the main supplier of equipments is public company „Astra“ from Alytus city, which collaborates with topping companies of Europe: “Union”, “Sidi”, “Metal Progetti”, “GBM”, “Alberti Angelo”, “Peolan” etc.


By analysing the market and the expectations of our clients, we understood, that there is a need to offer new service – correction of clothes, which include the change of rivets, zips and other accessory, the narrowing, widening, shortening or extending of clothes. When was 2009.

In the beginning of 2011 we „ripen“ to one more service – the cleaning, renewing, impregnateing of leather shoe. This service originated very simply – such things long time ago we did to our own shoe. So, why not offer to renew the shoe to our clients?