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And everything that can be cleaned up.
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“LoMinda” service

Welcome to “LoMinda’s” web page!

“LoMinda” is a dry cleaning and washing service. It specializes in woolen and silky clothes, leather and synthetic leather material, stuffed animals, blinds, curtains, feathers and downs, bed-clothes, carpets, car accessories, work wear, skiing, fishing and sailor outfits. We also deal with “Gore-tex” or similar fabrics, for example, offer various repellent services that protects clothes from water, while keeping the natural feel of the clothing. We are able to renew leather items, soften and decolorize (fade) fabrics, do technological wash and alter clothes in all possible ways – make them smaller or bigger, shorter or longer, install and adjust unique metal buttons.

We clean, wash and alter everything, everything except your conscience…